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The 80 page Raising Sir Gallant WORKBOOK takes the lessons of the Storybook and brings them to life for the young reader. Each chapter, called a Banner, reinforces a virtue or trains the memory, with story-relevant questions and life-application scenarios. Biblical references encourage the reader to familiarize themselves with the Bible and to turn to it for problem-solving. The WORKBOOK includes several pages at the beginning of the book reserved for the attachment of the Banners (see BANNER SET item, sold separately). As they progress through the WORKBOOK, readers will be instucted to return to the Castle Kit, at specific intervals, for two Gifts and three Crafts (see CRAFT A, B and C and GIFTS, sold separately); finally ending with the SECRET KNIGHT LETTER (sold separately). These items are carefully timed, to excite the reader and to keep the momentum of the learning. A certificate of completion, found at the end of the WORKBOOK, can be removed and framed for display.

Raising Sir Gallant WORKBOOK