This Limited Edition hardcover edition features a premium full-grain leather binding, spine ridges, a copper-die branded cover, 224 pages, gold-flecked paper imported from England, gold-gilded edges and a satin ribbon. At 1 lb 12 oz, it has a weight to reflect its careful construction and is designed for years of enjoyment.


Beyond a simple story, Raising Sir Gallant engages boys with time-tested lessons of charity, generosity and integrity. Practical instructions, including starting a fire and collecting food in the wilderness, are woven together with more thoughtful topics, such as logical debate using the Socratic method. Parents and grandparents may feel an irresistible urge to read along as their loved ones discover the beauty of truth and the importance of the faith that motivated the people of early 16th Century England.


Raising Sir Gallant Full-Grain Leather Hardcover

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